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7 Creative Concepts for Your Custom Granite or Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Is it time to design the kitchen with new quartz or granite countertops for your Morehead City home? The experts at Onslow Stoneworks offer up some unique thoughts to add depth and excitement to your decor. When planning your counters, also consider how they help your beachside home function.

Circular Islands for a Fresh Slice of Life

That open-concept kitchen, living, and dining area allows you to break out of the box. A round kitchen island invites more guests to gather to share snacks and drinks before settling in at the table.

Contrasting Island and Back Bar Counters for Clear Definition

In a kitchen where you are embracing white on white, consider switching things up by installing a dark island counter in granite. Leave your back counter white to show off your glassware under the cabinet lighting. This helps to delineate visual space in an open area to give it a cozier feel.

Connecting Your Outdoor and Indoor Entertainment Spaces

When you live on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, you want to leave those sliding glass doors open all summer long. Craft a huge entertaining space by using the same quartz countertops for the indoor and outdoor kitchen serving surfaces. Comfortable seating, fairy lights, and a sound system complete your house party vibe.

Waterfall Edges that Flow to the Floor

In an elegant home where your island faces the front entry, take that gorgeous granite countertop over the edge and down to the floor with a waterfall effect. Two pieces of matching stone are mitered together for an invisible join and a look that is full of drama.

Pop-Up Coffee Maker or Stand Mixer Storage

Which small appliance are you tired of pulling out of the cabinet every day? Your custom kitchen countertops can include a cutout where your espresso machine or stand mixer are stored out of sight and pop up into place with a simple touch. When the work is done, just push it back down into place. The matching granite or quartz top hides the cutout.

Treat Your Guests to a Matching Breakfast Bar

What drink are you always serving that also clutters up your counter space? Order a custom coffee, wine, or juice bar with a matching granite or quartz countertop positioned on the opposite side of the dining area. The matching surface ties it into your kitchen while offering up a durable and easy-to-clean spot for sip-and-chats.

Granite Shelves in Your Kitchen Window for Fresh Herbs

Your kitchen sink window looks out over the ocean or river. Natural light floods the room, and you want to bring more of that lush North Carolina greenery inside. Order a granite shelf for the window where you can grow herbs and never worry about water damage or stains.

Are you excited to get your Morehead City kitchen countertops ordered? Discover a world of inspiration and knowledge at Onslow Stoneworks, located right here in town. Their granite and quartz technicians will help you find the best countertops available in the area. Give them a call to schedule your personal consultation today.

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