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Do You Know Why Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance is so Important

Do You Know Why Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance is so Important?

If you want to keep the entire commercial refrigeration equipment efficient and in perfect working order then their maintenance is one of the most important activities to be ensured. Not only this will extend the life of your refrigeration unit but also you will avoid any costly breakdown and unwarranted repair expenses.

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These refrigeration systems need much more attention than any others. If you are responsible for running your business then you must give topmost priority to the maintenance of your commercial refrigeration equipment.

Failure to give enough attention will lead to unnecessary repairs, lost production, and disruption to your operations, which may seriously dent your profitability.

Fortunately, maintenance of commercial refrigeration is comparatively not so expensive and also does not take a very long time. By planning regularly scheduled maintenance in a planned way, you can prevent unnecessary breakdown and repairs that may be necessary when market demand is very high.

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Commercial refrigeration maintenance

While you can do a few simple cleanings and inspections on your own, your commercial refrigeration equipment requires specialised maintenance.

The following are a few tasks listed to be performed during routine maintenance:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check lines for condensation
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils
  • Clean fan blades
  • Inspect the fan motor
  • Check for any loose electrical components
  • Clean drain lines
  • Check the setting of temperature and defrost
  • Calibrate thermometers
  • Check filters on ice makers
  • Clean all ice-maker components
  • Check insulation
  • Check for holes/cracks/wear-out signs in seals and gaskets and replace, if necessary
  • Check for air leakages
  • Lubricate door hinges

It is important to hire a professional technician for these activities and make sure that your units will get the necessary care they need.

Monthly maintenance checklist

  • Check the temperature: Ensure that it is set at the proper level, especially if your goods are perishable.
  • Inspect the condenser coils: Look for any rust/corrosion signs, which could indicate issues with your system.
  • Check the compressor fins: Check whether they are broken or bent.
  • Check all hoses and tubing: Make sure that hoses are in good shape and no coolant or other fluids leakage is found.

Quarterly maintenance checklist

  • Clean and lubricate all compressor bearings.
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Check for any leaks and damage.
  • Check control boards
  • Check sensors and wiring connectors for any damage, loose connection, or signs of corrosion.
  • Check refrigerant charge, and replace if necessary.
  • Replace defrost thermostat if necessary.

Annual maintenance checklist

  • Verify that your commercial refrigeration system is working properly and that no strange sounds or odours are present.
  • Check all wiring and electrical connections for loose connection, damage, or corrosion.
  • Check discharge lines of all compressors for leaks and obstructions.
  • Clean evaporator coils and condenser coils.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Inspect refrigerant charge and check whether it is within the manufacturer’s specifications.

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What are the different benefits of regular maintenance?

The following are a few benefits of performing regular maintenance for your installed commercial refrigeration units:

1. Reliability

If inspection and servicing are performed regularly then your unit will run more efficiently and less likely to develop any serious breakdowns that need repairs.

Technicians can easily locate small issues and immediately repair them, much before they turn into major problems.

2. Food safety

Imagine how it can damage your reputation if consuming any food stored in your refrigeration system makes someone sick. With regular refrigeration maintenance, you are ensured that your entire units are properly operating and keeping all your food safe and fresh.

3. Cleanliness

There are different viruses, bacteria, mould, or other pathogens that may enter your equipment and contaminate your stored food, and create foodborne illnesses for your consumers.

Maintenance also involves professional cleanings, which is beneficial to your food service industry.

4. Longevity

You have invested lots of money in your commercial refrigeration units for your business, so obviously you want them to last.

Regularly cleaned and maintained equipment is more likely to remain in good condition for much longer periods of time, and save your future repair and replacement costs.


If your business is based on commercial refrigeration equipment, then their maintenance and cleaning are very important for your business. Any neglect can seriously dent your reputation and also cause downtime and loss of revenue.

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