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The Biggest Reasons to Laminate Your Kitchen

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, laminates could be a great option for you to consider. Decorative laminates are one of the best modern surface solutions. When it is your kitchen, you must make sure that the beauty of decoration doesn’t compromise the efficiency of the kitchen.

This is where the kitchen laminates come in. Laminates are the best of both worlds, providing aesthetic appeal and excellent functionality simultaneously. Engineered Laminates have many great features, making them an option both for aesthetic purposes and perfect for practical usage. Laminates, indeed, can be a true saviour when it comes to revamping your kitchen. let us take a look as to why laminates are an important decorative component.

If you are still not sure about why you should choose laminates for your kitchen area, let us highlight the five most prominent reasons for choosing laminates for your kitchen.

There are many valid reasons why designers and homeowners opt for laminates for the interior of their kitchens. Advanced laminates can completely change the traditional Kitchen decor for you.

1. The variety of options

Decorative laminates are available in a large variety. They differ in pressure, size, colours and texture. This variety of products allows you much freedom to experiment with your kitchen decor. Additionally,the use of laminates is no longer restricted to furniture coverage. You can use laminates for many things. From your kitchen countertop to kitchen cabinets to the wall panels to kitchen panels- laminates can work on everything. You can even have digital laminates based on your own design. This uncompromising access to beauty is a big reason why laminates have become so popular.

2. High-Performance Qualities: Scratch-proof, Stain-proof and Waterproof

With the advancement in the laminate-making process, Laminates are equipped with a lot of advantages. These engineered surface materials are made in such a way that they fight the scratches and stains common in kitchens. For you, this means you don’t have to be on high alert each time you spill something, or the surface gets scratched.

High-quality laminates often have water-resistant features. As liquid spills attract bacteria, waterproof Laminates make your kitchen the safe and hygienic place it deserves.

3. Durability

Decorative laminates are pretty resilient and can survive for a long time. High-pressure laminates are the best kinds of laminates when it comes to strength and durability. Available in many sizes, colours and textures, they are perfect for surfaces used to put heavy objects. This is why high-pressure laminates are the most preferred among decorative laminates. The life expectancy of laminates depends on how properly you can maintain them. The life expectancy of laminate flooring, on an average, is 15 to 25 years. But poor management can easily reduce its life by 10 years. But high-quality laminates with a little bit of timely care can increase the life expectancy of laminates to a great extent.

4. Easy maintenance

Maintaining laminates is easy. Laminates do not require any harsh or intense methods of cleaning. You can simply wipe them with a lint-free soft cloth or microfiber cloth. If there are water spills, just wipe the water with a clean, dry cloth. In case of stubborn greasy marks, you can try using a little bit of warm water and dish soap on the particular spot.

This hassle-free maintenance is a leading reason that laminates are safe options for kitchen decor. In fact, it is for these reasons laminate sheets are often used on kitchen floors.

5. Easy installation

We know exactly what scares you the most regarding kitchen remodelling. It is the installation process, right? With laminates, you can say goodbye to that fear. The installation process of laminates is easy and hassle-free. Now you can freely concentrate on the rest of the kitchen interior plans.

With time, the ideas regarding laminates have changed a lot. Royalé Touché is one such laminate brand that has successfully kept up with this rapid change. Royalé Touché laminates are of great quality and style. They are the perfect example of how beauty and functionality can go hand in hand. Royalé Touché is one of the best laminate brands in India. Choose Royalé Touché laminates for your kitchen and give a refreshingly beautiful look.

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