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What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Travertine Floor Tiles?

Travertine tile options have long been a favourite choice in the world of architecture and interior design, making for a highly durable, long lasting and timeless choice that creates a luxurious, warm and cosy atmosphere. These tiles provide an impressive range of unique advantages in the home however, it is also important to be aware of the material’s limitations when making your final tile sections as this information will help you understand if travertine tile is the most suitable material for your intended application.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a naturally occurring stone in the limestone family. This material has been used in architecture and design for thousands of years, providing an incredibly durable and long lasting finish that will offer a lifetime of use. Travertine is especially popular when used as a floor tile or feature wall solution in the home, being simple to care for and maintain while providing a strong sense of character, warmth and charm in any design scheme. Made popular in Ancient Rome, travertine has long been a favourite choice for building and construction. The ancient structures that were built using travertine stone are evidence of this product’s amazing longevity and quality as these works are still standing today!

Caption: Travertine tiles can often be used as both a floor and wall finish with certain tile collections also being suitable for outdoor use. These unique natural stone tiles create a strong sense of character in any design scheme thank to their textured surface and elegant, neutral colour varieties that will complement any style of design.

The Advantages of Travertine Tile Solutions for the Home

As noted above, travertine tiles provide an incredibly durable and long lasting material for the home. Travertine tiles are most often used as a floor tile or as a feature wall tile in interior spaces, adding a strong natural element that instantly adds texture, warmth and a timeless touch to your design scheme. Travertine floor tiles are an excellent choice for interior living spaces, being simple to care for and maintain while adding an elegant statement piece in your home’s interior.

Caption: Red Travertine tiles feature a stunning variation of colour with a combination of deep, rusty tones, beige, brown and grey, creating a warm and rustic atmosphere in the home. These tiles offer an excellent choice as a feature element in any design scheme and can be easily complemented with soft or deeper grey tones, concrete and timber to create an absolute feast for the senses!

Certain collections of floor tiles can also be used in outdoor applications, providing a durable flooring solution for outdoor patios, living spaces and more. These tiles are natural strong and durable, being able to withstand being exposed to the elements with only simple care and maintenance techniques required ensuring their longevity.

Travertine tile options are available in a range of naturally occurring colours that will add warmth and a sense of calm to your indoor or outdoor design scheme. From soft beige tones to deeper browns and elegant grey options, you will find a range of travertine tile colours available to choose from to help you create that perfect colour scheme in your next project.

Another unique advantage of travertine tiles is that due to the variations in colour, tone and pattern that are present in each individual tile, replacing a damaged tile when necessary is usually quite simple. Should a travertine floor tile be damaged at any time, you can visit your nearest tile store or stonemason and see what their closest match to your natural stone tiles is. Being a natural material, you can expect the new tile to tie in well with the existing tile’s colour and pattern as you are not looking for an exact match, you are looking for the same material! Over time, wear on the new natural stone tile will allow it to blend in well with the existing tiles.

The Disadvantages of Travertine Tile Floor Tiles

As with any natural material, you will find that travertine tiles will require a specific type of cleaning and maintenance routine to ensure the product’s longevity and integrity. Being a natural material, travertine tiles are porous in nature which means that they can absorb liquids and be prone to staining or marking if they are not treated and maintained correctly with a suitable tile sealer. A tile sealer suitable for natural stone tiles should be applied to travertine tiles prior to laying and then the process should be repeated every few years or so depending on the tile’s wear and use. When it comes to keeping your travertine tiles clean, water should not be left to pool on their surface so as to avoid any potential for water damage or discolouration. Gentle, non-abrasive cleaning solutions specific to natural stones should be used for the best outcome and harsh cleaning products such as bleach or acidic chemicals should best be avoided.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting travertine tiles is their weight; these tiles are often much heavier than traditional porcelain or ceramic tiles and as such, they will attract a slightly higher price tag in terms of labour to install. That being said, an experienced Tiler should be able to easily lay these tiles properly without any mishaps but would need to allow a little extra in their labour quotation to accommodate for the excess weight and labour involved in the installation process.

Travertine tiles offer a spectacular finish for both inside or outside the home. These incredibly durable tiles offer an impressive range of benefits, from their immense strength and longevity to their natural beauty and charm that will add a strong touch of character and colour to any design scheme. It is of course important to note that travertine tiles will require a specific type of care and maintenance in order to ensure their integrity over time however, their good qualities more than make up for this!

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