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What Can You Do at Night in Memphis?

Memphis is one of the most incredible cities in the country.  From the amazing entertainment to the beautiful surroundings and great food, you’ll fall in love with every experience you have here.

These are the top fun things to consider when the sun goes down! 

The Blues Clubs and Music Rooms

What’s Memphis without music?  The music scene in Memphis ensures you can have as much fun as possible while taking in some of the best music in the city.  From B.B. King’s Blues Club to Lafayette’s Music Room, there are tons of musical choices around here. 

Consider what genre you’re most interested in, and work forward from there.  Memphis has a unique rap and R&B sound that you won’t find anywhere else, so if you’re not stuck on checking out the blues: consider seeking out these sounds! 

Incredible Theater

Take a moment to relax after a full day of looking at Memphis houses for sale!  The theater is a powerful way to transform the written word, and stage actions, into stories that people can feel.  From the Orpheum Theater to other fantastic theaters in the city, you’ll have the chance to explore creative and intelligent performances that will leave you stunned.  There’s a healthy mix of old and new performances, so you never have to worry about getting bored of the theater scene here. 

Delicious Restaurants

The food in Memphis is to die for!  There are awesome eateries offering Memphis barbecue, a unique and saucy spin on the classic dish, comfort food, and of course, other southern favorites.  Everything in Memphis is made to be incredibly tasty and blow your mind bite after bite.

Thankfully, the restaurants here are incredibly affordable, which means you can eat out more while you’re in town than you could in other vacation and tourism-heavy cities.  

Partying on Mud Island

Mud Island is a peninsula in Memphis that allows for sun and surf to meet perfectly.  This is a huge surprise for anyone who’s not from the area since you might not expect to see sandy shores this far inland, but it’s a great stop while you’re in town!  Affordable and fun, partying on mud island is a great activity for someone traveling solo or for a family who wants to give their kids the chance to run off some extra energy. 

Go on a Bike Bus Tour

Bike bus tours are becoming increasingly popular, and in Memphis, there are countless companies you can go through.  One of the most popular is Sprock n’ Roll, which allows you to eat and drink and have fun while powering the bus that’s touring you around town.  Although it can be pricey to rent the full bus for a party, it’s also fun to join a larger group and enjoy getting to know strangers while you explore the city together!

Memphis is Fun All Day and Night!

If you want a city that’s equal parts fun and exciting, you’ll love Memphis.  Check out the music scene, the fantastic food, and the affordable living, and you’ll want to move here as well!

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