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What Time do Most Burglaries Occur

Burglaries occur every day and at any time of the day; however, there are specific times when burglaries occur often. Surprisingly, many burglaries occur during the day, especially from the afternoon to 5 pm. 

What we see in movies about night break-ins has made everyone believe that burglaries happen primarily at night, which is not the case. We don’t mean that there are no night burglaries. 

Nonetheless, a higher percentage of house break-ins occur between the afternoon and evening. 

Why This Time?

You probably think that most burglaries occur randomly. Many burglars target low-risk, high-profit homes when planning an attack. Burglars take time to analyze their crimes and focus on the least risky homes. Many thieves prefer daytime shifts rather than working through the night.  

You might ask why daytime.

Here’s the thing, most people leave their houses for work during the day. Others work from home, but when they have errands, they’ll probably do them during the day, leaving the house unattended. 

Burglars source a lot of data to identify such homes. They attack a house when there’s the most negligible probability of someone in the house. Furthermore, they want to look like normal passers-by on the streets. 

During the day, neighbors might assume you’re probably looking for an address or making a delivery. Walking into a random home at night may raise complex questions from the neighbors.

Burglars do a lot of groundwork to accomplish successful burglaries during the day because they understand they’re likely to succeed this time. 

How to Prevent Burglaries Anytime

Everyone looks for a safe neighborhood to live in. Nonetheless, you’re responsible for your home’s security. 

Here are a few things you could do to prevent burglaries:
  1. Install secure lock systems: If your house has old locks, look for new security systems that only authorized people can access. 
  2. Avoid sharing too much information: burglars do heavy research on their targets, and posting about vacations, trips, and errands is a good source of information for them.
  3. Make the house look occupied: always ensure that your home looks like it has occupants every time. 
  4. Confirm all locks and windows when leaving or going to bed.
  5. Seek housekeeping services: When leaving for an extended period, seek housekeepers and landscaping services. If you have a lawn, seek someone to keep the lawn neat. Unattended lawns are a sign that there’s no one around. 
  6. Don’t pile up your deliveries: if you’re not available for deliveries or letters, organize with the company to delay them or ask one of your neighbors to pick them up.
  7. Install alarms: you can add alarm systems to your home security devices. Nowadays, you can link locks and window shatters to the alarm system. Visit to get such security systems. 
What to Do if Your Home is Broken Into

A burglary might leave you feeling exposed and with emotional trauma. Here are the things you should do if your home is broken into:

  • Don’t enter the house because the burglar may still be inside
  • Contact relevant authorities immediately
  • Avoid touching anything till the police arrive
  • Monitor the surrounding environment for suspicious cars or people
  • Check CCTV systems if you’ve installed one
  • Keep watch of the property till the police arrive

Finally, rest your mind. There is no amount of home security or police intervention that can make you feel safe unless your mind is calm. Take all the necessary steps, then relax, knowing that you have done everything in your power to secure your home.

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