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What Types Of Floors Are The Most Commonly Used In Hotels?

What is the first thing you look at when you enter a hotel? The decoration, the floor, the design details, indeed you have not been the only person who has responded in this way, because the appearance of the place where you are going to stay must be pleasant enough to make you feel that you are in a home, away from your home. Nothing is more uncomfortable than staying in an unpleasant or neglected place, right?

Well, for decades, most hotel companies (big and small) have focused on providing their guests with a comfortable, pleasant and safe environment so that they feel at ease and always take them as their first accommodation option.

So, since the floor happens to be one of the main focal points of any room, it is essential to make it visually appealing but also durable, safe and affordable.

Nowadays, one of the most significant advantages is that the offer of flats is extensive, so finding the ideal apartment will be “easy” as long as you give priority to solving the primary needs of each area. In reality, this process must be thorough and will take time since the same type of floor will not work correctly in all spaces; it is always necessary to consider which is the best option for high-traffic areas, social areas, rest areas, etc. wetlands, feeding areas, among others.

To begin with, it must be taken into account that the flats must be profitable, since the ideal is to acquire an apartment that is kept in good condition and with an excellent appearance for years, in addition to being easy to maintain and withstanding the daily comings and goings of the hotels. And last but not least, it should be taken into account that the chosen floors match the concept and style of the venue so that everything looks like a unit and is a success in terms of decoration and design.

So how will you choose the right one for your project? To help you, below, we will share the necessary information to guide you during this difficult decision. Let us begin!

Solid wood

This is an excellent option when looking to impress at first sight, as solid wood flooring will make any room look elegant and luxurious. This material is timeless and can be converted, depending on the patterns used, into a great work of art.

Using solid wood can be successful in the lobby and the main corridors. Still, they are not suitable for installation in the rooms or halls between rooms since it is not a material that absorbs the noise caused by footsteps, so it will be uncomfortable for those who are occupying the neighbouring spaces but also for those on the lower floor.

In addition, despite being a durable and “easy to repair” material, when installed in rooms, the floor may suffer from constant scratches due to the continuous dragging of furniture and suitcases. And it is not suitable for installation in bathrooms or kitchens because wood quickly absorbs moisture, which causes it to warp or change colour.

If you want to choose wood as a floor for your hotel, you should know that maple or American walnut are types of wood that withstand heavy traffic, which makes them very durable and resistant to moisture.

Vinyl flooring in hotels

PVC flooring, or vinyl flooring, is suitable for high and low-budget hotels as it is affordable and comes in a wide range of colours, styles and dimensions, allowing it to fit any design style.

Now, if you like an elegant and luxurious option, we invite you to discover the luxury vinyl floors (LVT) offered in a style that simulates wood or natural stone, in different shades, with a matte or glossy surface.

By selecting either of the two options, you will get a profitable floor, thanks to the relationship between price and durability, since its properties mean that, depending on the quality and style chosen, it is a floor that maintains its appearance intact for years.

These are some of the features that will be very useful when installing a vinyl floor in a hotel:

  • They are versatile since they can be installed in rooms where different functions are carried out. They are floors resistant to humidity and scratches and withstand heavy traffic without affecting their appearance. This type of flooring can be installed in the lobby, the restaurant, the social areas and even the rooms since they are excellent thermal and acoustic insulators.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain, requiring no sealing, waxing or refinishing, even in high-traffic areas. If any of the tiles are damaged, it is only a matter of replacing the affected piece and voila! The repair becomes a matter of minutes, unlike with another type of floor.
  • To solve the need for good looks, with LVT flooring, you can get a luxurious look as the printing on its surface is highly realistic and can be inconspicuous compared to laminate wood, reducing the cost remarkably.
  • Thanks to their cushioning property, they feel soft when walking and are relatively warm to the touch.
  • Thanks to the latest technologies in vinyl floors, we can ensure that they have excellent durability, including their high resistance to UV rays from the sun, something that is not so common in other types of wooden floors.

Porcelain / Ceramic

When durability, ease of care and good looks are a priority, porcelain tile is a good choice. These are offered in various colours and designs, even going so far as to imitate natural materials such as stone, wood or marble, achieving an expensive appearance at a relatively comfortable price.

Porcelain tile has been used in hotel rooms on bathroom floors and countertops as they give a luxurious look that is easy to clean and combine. In addition, the floor is resistant to humidity but, depending on the type of tile chosen, when wet, they can be slippery; Therefore, if you are going to install porcelain tiles in bathrooms, showers or kitchens, it is essential to consider using tiles with a rough texture on their surface layer to avoid accidents.

But, they are not installed in the rest of the room since this type of tile does not absorb noise, so footsteps will be uncomfortable for those staying in neighbouring rooms.

In terms of durability and aesthetics, ceramic tiles are also a good choice for floors in common hotel areas; since these tiles are waterproof and non-absorbent, maintenance is relatively easy, so you won’t have to worry about stains, and they are one of the most hygienic options on the market.


Hotel bedrooms and hallways are often carpeted to give guests a physical and visual sense of warmth. In addition, you can create personalised patterns with colours and textures that help point the way, delimit spaces and stylise the rooms.

Among the advantages offered by rugs, we can highlight that:

  • They are an excellent option for soundproof floors; It must be taken into account that the entrance to the rooms is where the most noise can be produced due to the constant coming and going of people, so if there were no soundproofing device, the continuous noise would ruin the rest of the guests and, therefore, Therefore, the service, quality and comfort of the hotel.
  • Also, as we mentioned a while ago, the rugs are warm, so when you get out of bed, you won’t put your feet on a cold floor.

However, using rugs in the room can be counterproductive as it increases the probability of stains and dirt caused by spills of liquids, food, cosmetic products or simple carelessness of the guest. And cleaning and disinfecting them is complex and time-consuming, which can be costly.

In this case, we recommend using modular carpets that can be easily replaced by pieces and have a much simpler and cheaper installation process than rolled carpets, despite looking the same.


Whether it is polished or original, concrete makes the interior and exterior areas of ​​hotels look great when looking for an industrial decor look or a rustic design. In addition, it can be easily tinted so that the options for decoration schemes are much broader according to each design style.

This type of flooring is highly durable, but it is one of the most expensive options due to its lengthy and detailed installation process. But, when it comes to maintenance, it cleans easily and doesn’t stain. Of course, it is a freezing floor, so it is not recommended to install it in the rooms.

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