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Who do you choose for Glass Manufacturing Machinery?!

Are you looking to expand your capacity or your manufacturing capabilities? How do you choose which equipment to purchase? There are many options these days; the world has gotten smaller and you can get equipment from almost anywhere.  Maybe the first question you should ask yourself is how do I choose an equipment manufacturer?  I was in your shoes for many years. There were machine suppliers that would tell you that you didn’t really need what you were asking for; you needed their standard equipment. There are equipment suppliers that don’t really manufacture anything.  Some firms use low wage countries for manufacturing. Some firms steal designs from other firms. Small shops have low overhead, but there is no support staff. There are huge suppliers that can sell you nice, expensive machines, but you better have a big budget for spare parts with secret part number, and good luck getting timely support. Who should you strongly consider?  GLASSLINE ™ and here are a few reasons why:

Flexibility and Versatility

The great majority of our machines/systems are customized to suit our Customer’s wishes.  We will work with you to determine how our systems can be configured to meet your needs.    We can help you with a myriad of capabilities, custom 3D design, electrical controls design and programming, CNC retrofits, build to print fabrications, standard and special diamond tooling and wheel redressing, machinery assembly and precision alignment, centrifuges, service contracts, emergency parts, and much more.  Why not work with a machinery manufacturer that has all of this capability in house, and is willing to make it your way?

50 Years of Design Experience

Starting in 1970 building double-edgers, we have expanded our expertise to a huge line of product offerings including nearly all pre-processing machines and more.  We were one of the first to introduce CNC edge grinding in the glass industry, one of the first to utilize Linear Motors on CNC cutters and have a patent on cutting head technology. We patented laser referencing for CNC grinding, single sided seaming, as well as many other patents. We expanded operations by acquiring diamond tooling technology, and make all of your tooling right here in Perrysburg, OH.  We acquired de-airing press technology, liquid/solid centrifuge technology, and the famous Aisa screen printing and drying technology. All of those technologies have been reinvented anew to make leading edge designs. Electrical Engineering has dozens of years of experience with motion controls and CNC programming. The Design Group of Glassline Corporation utilizes 3D CAD software and is also involved in other markets, from packaging machinery, food processing, bottling, and more. This expertise provides our Customers with a powerful resource.

Manufacturing Excellence

From humble beginnings in downtown Toledo, our campus now includes over 100,000 sqft. in Perrysburg, OH.  We are known for building heavy duty durable machines that provide decades of lifetime. A large fabrication shop includes laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, cnc bending, and of course multiple weld stations including Mig and Tig, fabricating mild steel, aluminum and stainless. A full machine shop includes a large boring mill, and a multitude of cnc machining centers. Multiple machine assembly areas allow us to set up your machines and test them prior to shipping, to give you peace of mind, and shorten your install time and costs. Quality control is instituted along the process, as well as an ECR process to ensure changes to your job are documented.  All job travelers are bar coded, and parts labeled to track your parts through our process.


Our sales approach is a collaborative one.   We work with you to find the best solution, but if we are not a match we will tell you. We will give you a delivery time that we believe we can achieve.  We design and build custom solutions, which makes delivery performance that much more difficult, but it is a part of our performance metrics so you can be sure we are trying our best to meet your delivery date. We have and always will stand behind our machines.  If you are not satisfied, we will do all that we can to make you satisfied.

Contact GLASSLINE™ Today

Do you have production problems to solve, or are you considering new machinery, or even considering a retrofit? Please give our sales team a call to start a conversation. It would be our honor to assist you.

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