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How to Activate Kayo on Your TV: A Comprehensive Guide

Kayo Sports is an Australian streaming service offering a vast library of live and on-demand sports content. If you’re a sports fan, Kayo is a must-have.  Getting Kayo activated on your TV offers a big-screen viewing experience, perfect for catching all the exciting sporting action. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process.

Before You Start

Ensure you have the following:

An active Kayo subscription: If you haven’t subscribed yet, visit the Kayo Sports website au/connect to sign up for a plan that suits you.

A compatible TV: Kayo supports a range of devices, including:

Selected Samsung Smart TVs

Selected Android TVs (Sony, TCL, Hisense, etc.)

Telstra TV

Apple TV


Activating Kayo on Your TV

There are two primary ways to activate Kayo on your TV:

  1. Activating Via QR Code

Download the Kayo app: Find the Kayo Sports app on your TV’s app store and download it.

Launch the app: Open the Kayo Sports app on your TV.

Sign in option: You’ll be presented with a ‘Sign In’ option and a QR code on the screen.

Scan the QR code: Use your smartphone or tablet’s camera to scan the QR code on your TV screen.

Tap the notification: A notification will pop up on your mobile device. Tap it to be redirected to a page.

Confirm the code: The webpage will display an 8-digit code that is also shown on your TV. Confirm that the code matches.

Sign in (if needed): You might be prompted to enter your Kayo login credentials (email and password).

  1. Activating Via Web Browser

Visit the activation page: On your computer or mobile device, go to: [invalid URL removed]

Enter the code: Enter the 8-digit code displayed on your TV screen into the provided field on the website.

Log in (if needed): You might be prompted to enter your Kayo login details.

Additional Notes:

Older TV models: If your TV isn’t directly supported, consider using a streaming device like Apple TV or Chromecast to access Kayo.

App updates: Keep the Kayo Sports app updated on your TV for the best experience and to avoid potential activation issues.

Help and support: If you encounter any problems, visit the Kayo Sports Help Center ( for troubleshooting guides and support options.

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Enjoy Your Kayo Experience!

Once you’ve successfully activated Kayo on your TV, you’re all set to dive into the world of sports! Kayo’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find the sports you love. Plus, features like SplitView (to watch multiple games at once), Key Moments (to catch important highlights), and No Spoilers (to avoid results if you’re watching later) enhance your viewing experience.

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Activating Kayo on your TV is a straightforward process that unlocks the world of sports on the big screen. Whether you prefer the QR code method or using a web browser, you’ll be streaming your favorite sporting events within minutes. Now that you’ve got Kayo set up, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the action-packed world of live and on-demand sports!

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