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Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Your Living Room as Per the Experts

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Designing your living room and getting that picture-perfect place to live in is everyone’s dream. However, it must be difficult for you to decide what is right or wrong.

Though you have these internet and magazines where you can get good ideas on decorating, here we are going to jot down certain mistakes that you can avoid to design your living room well.

Many of the interior designers in Dublin are experts who can help you get things right for your house. They have that overall experience that can help you meet the expectations that you have about them.

List of mistakes to avoid while decorating your living room:

Failing to design a layout

Before you start your work, you must design the picture of your living room that you always wanted.

This includes placing your furniture, creating sectionals in the living room, themes you want, the focal point of the room and many more. This will save you from repositioning your room in the future.

Choosing the wrong-sized furniture

Furniture plays a very important role to enlighten your living room. Besides the design and the texture, the size of the furniture is also very important.

If it is too small, then it will make your room appear vacant and if it is too big then it will make your room look congested.

The same goes for the rugs. Therefore, you must measure the room and get the furniture that may look perfect for your room.

Placing the sofa against the wall

That is what most of us do. Placing your sofa against the wall will make your room look small.

Therefore, you should keep it floating, which means you can place it somewhere in the middle of the room. This will make your room feel and look larger and you will be able to walk around the room.

Do not buy everything matchy-matchy

You would always find furniture sold in combos. It will be very tempting to buy matching furniture, but this will make everything look like a showroom. To elevate the look, it is better that you buy furniture that is a bit different

Placing a TV above the fireplace

This is what most people are following nowadays. Though it is a great place to place your television, it can give a lot of pain to your neck.

It is always going to be good if you place the television at your eye level from where you sit to watch it. This way, you need not have to look up.

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