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Is Your Home Lock Really Safe?

When it comes to securing your home, the choice between doorknobs and deadbolts can significantly impact your safety. Understanding the fundamental differences is crucial to making an informed decision.

A deadbolt stands out as the superior choice due to its mechanism. In a simple home test, lock both a deadbolt and a doorknob, then attempt to push the latch back on the knob and the bolt into the door. While the bolt resists, the latch gives way, highlighting the vulnerability of a doorknob. It’s this distinction that allows a credit card to unlock a doorknob but proves ineffective against a deadbolt.

Testing Methods: Ensuring Security

To assess the security of locks, a series of practical tests are conducted:

Picking It

A classic method involves picking a lock using two small tools—one to turn the cylinder and another to manipulate the tumblers until the lock opens.


Similar to picking, this method utilizes a tool capable of simultaneously manipulating multiple tumblers, expediting the lock-picking process.

Bumping It

A common and concerning method involves the use of a “bump key,” a specially crafted key that, when applied correctly, can compromise a lock swiftly. While obtaining bump keys may pose some difficulty, their availability makes this method a potential threat.

Pick Gun

A manual hand tool resembling a small pistol, the pick gun aids locksmiths in lock-picking. By inserting the gun’s tip into the cylinder and pulling the trigger, the lock can be swiftly and easily unlocked.

Understanding these testing methods sheds light on potential vulnerabilities in security. While bump keys pose a risk due to their accessibility, the effectiveness of deadbolts against picking and raking reaffirms their superiority in safeguarding homes.

In summary, when prioritizing home security, opting for a deadbolt provides a robust defense against common intrusion methods, offering peace of mind for homeowners.

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