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Kitchen Cabinet Painting: 8 Must Know Tips

Do you wish to modernize your kitchen? Among the simplest and inexpensive methods for achieving this is by painting the cabinets in your kitchen. But, there are numerous colors and finishes available which can make it overwhelming to make your kitchen cabinet look modern.

When it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets in a contemporary style, remember these 8 key trends of Cabinet Painting Minneapolis is talking about right now:

  1. Think about open shelves.

You could put in open shelves instead of a few cabinets or as the main feature, and this will give your kitchen a more modern and spacious sense. But remember to decorate it subtly yet elegantly so that it feels modern rather than messy.

2. Monotone.

 A method to achieve a smooth, single-colored appearance in your kitchen is by painting both the cabinet surfaces and its hardware such as knobs or hinges with the same color. This will make an impactful statement as doors blend yet show themselves at identical levels of prominence.

3. Select gold hardware.

If you are not interested in painting your hardware, but still desire a contemporary appearance, choose a gold finish. An instance is to combine fresh white cabinets with knobs and pulls that have a pleasant gold color. This appearance is neat, modern and can be continued in the rest of your kitchen with gold pendant lighting, a gold faucet as well as other metallic decorations.

4. Two-toned

 You can experiment with a two-toned method, which is another common style. For instance, you may paint the top kitchen cupboards in a light color while using a darker or contrasting hue for base cabinets. One more choice could be to paint your kitchen island in an exceptional, daring color and the rest of your kitchen cabinets with a more neutral hue such as white.

5. Add natural touch. If you own hardwood cabinets that are of high quality, think about staining your island and painting the other cabinets. This method mixes the biophilic design style – which combines nature with an urban feel – with a contemporary, smooth appearance.

6. Try using colors in your experiment.

Only because you desire a contemporary kitchen, it does not indicate that white cabinets are mandatory. Do not avoid strong shades such as deep slate, soft gray or greige; even light blue for coastal comfort is possible too. These colors are clean and calming yet still make a statement.

7. Stay classic with white, since it is a consistent choice for obtaining a modern appearance.

White cabinets always bring brightness and contemporary style to any kitchen design. Furthermore, they offer flexibility in terms of matching with different accents within your kitchen space. When you alter your style in the future, white cabinets can smoothly fit into a country or old-fashioned appearance.

8. Be open to minimalism.

Simple and practical design, which is a characteristic of minimalist style, will continue as a popular fashion. When you select this type of appearance for your kitchen cabinets, it can assist in making the area clean and free from mess.

Get Professional Help Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Were you looking for expert services regarding interior painting Minneapolis city has to offer? We leverage the top-notch tools and methods to give your cabinets a fresh and modern look.

Additionally, we provide an array of colors and finishes for you to select from – you will surely find one that suits the desired appearance in your kitchen.

Our skilled painters will handle all the necessary steps, starting with preparation and ending in painting and finishing. We’ll also handle the cleaning up, allowing you to relish in your freshly painted cabinets as quickly as possible.

Now, if you want to provide your kitchen with a contemporary transformation, get in touch with Paris Painting without delay for the chance to have a free meeting. We will assist you in selecting ideal colors and textures for your area while ensuring that the task is completed properly.

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