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Types and design tips for an outside metal staircase

When it comes to improving the visual attractiveness of outdoor settings, few features compare to the sophistication and usefulness of a well-designed metal spiral staircase. JM Custom Iron Work’s outdoor metal spiral staircases offer a distinctive combination of design and function, whether they are used to connect a balcony to a garden or provide access to an elevated deck. This post will discuss the many kinds of outdoor metal spiral staircases and offer helpful design advice so you can get the most out of this fashionable addition to your home.

Types of Metals Used for Outdoor Spiral Staircases:


Steel is a common material for outdoor metal spiral staircases because of its strength and longevity. Because of its ability to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions, it is the ideal material for usage outside. You may choose a design for your steel spiral staircase that complements your outdoor space because they are available in a range of finishes, from industrial and rustic to sleek and modern.


Another great metal for outdoor spiral staircases is aluminum, which is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. It works especially well in coastal places where exposure to salt might be problematic. Aluminum staircases from JM Custom Iron Work are a flexible alternative for a range of design tastes because they come in an assortment of colors and finishes.

Galvanized metal

Spiral staircases made of galvanized metal are coated with zinc to provide increased resistance to rust and corrosion. This kind of staircase works best in outdoor settings where exposure to the weather is a constant concern. A variety of architectural types can be complemented by the typical industrial character that the galvanized finish offers.

Wrought Iron

Spiral staircases from JM Custom Iron Work are made of wrought iron and have a classic appeal that will never go out of style and may enhance any outdoor area. Wrought iron is a popular material for people looking for a more classic look, even though it needs to be regularly maintained to avoid rusting.

Designs for Outdoor Metal Spiral Staircases:

Consider the Surrounding Landscape

When choosing the style of your spiral staircase, take cues from your external environment. Whether it’s a contemporary courtyard, a lush garden, or a beachside hideaway, pick a design from JM Custom Ironwork that complements the surrounding environment to produce a cohesive visual appeal.

Focus on Safety

Put safety first by making sure the staircase complies with construction regulations and safety requirements. Non-slip surfaces are especially important in outdoor environments where the weather can change quickly.

Optimize Space

Space-saving design is a well-known feature of spiral stairs. Take advantage of this feature by positioning the stairs to optimize the amount of usable space in your outside space.

Choose a Durable Finish

Outdoor metal spiral staircases should have a weather-resistant surface because they are exposed to the elements. Powder coating, galvanization, and weather-resistant paint are great choices to prevent rust and corrosion.


An elegant and useful living space may be created in your outdoor area with a well-designed spiral staircase from JM Custom Iron Works. It can be fashioned by learning about the various varieties and putting intelligent design recommendations into practice.

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