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Types of Home Improvement Products Defects to be Claimed

When we buy a home improvement product, we trust companies to provide tested products, ensuring complete safety. But there are some cases when a defective product causes harm to you. You may suffer severe injuries due to defective products.

In such cases, you must file a home improvement product defect claim. However, it is crucial to establish who is liable for the damage and the reasons for the injuries. To determine your compensation, you can contact the Jewkes Firm if you have been injured from defective home improvement products in Georgia

Types of product defects you should claim for compensation

Here are three types of home improvement product defects you should claim.

Defects in design

Defects in design can be easily claimed in compensation cases. If the defect arises due to poor design or an untested design that is unsafe to use, individuals can file a compensation case. When you find a defect in design, manufacturers may issue a product recall. They either destroy defective products or buy them back. 

However, if a manufacturer does not recall the defective products before multiple cases arise, they may face a class-action lawsuit. This is an instance when multiple plaintiffs claim compensation from manufacturers or distributors. Such cases usually end with monetary rewards for the victim.

Defects in manufacturing

Manufacturing defects generally occur when a hazard or error occurs during manufacturing. Here, it is crucial to know that these defects are not linked to the original design of the products. Therefore, most products might be safe to use. But, still, there are multiple products with defects that may make you injured.

For instance, you purchase a high-quality mattress designed safely. However, some mattresses may be filled with foam infected with asbestos, a common carcinogen. This may cause serious health issues. In that case, your class-action lawsuit comes into effect to provide you with compensation.

Defect in marketing

This type of defect generally refers to the wrong instruction or warning mentioned on the product. Companies must provide sufficient guidelines regarding product use and warnings such as fire and choking hazards. If they fail to provide you with the right instructions, this may result in damage and injuries. 

In such cases, you can file an injury compensation due to a defect in marketing. However, these types of cases are complicated to handle. Therefore, we advise you to consult a certified home improvement defect attorney.

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