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London and Scotland Trip plan for 12 days from India

Travelling to London and Scotland will offer you a captivating experience to immerse in a meticulous blend of historical grandeur, awe inspiring landscapes, cultural enigma all coming together with a meticulously planned 12 days itinerary. With Europe Tour Packages, embark to London which is a city that is renowned for its iconic landmarks that take you through the pages of history books.

Explore a myriad of grandeurs from Buckingham Palace to the majestic Tower of London each landmark narrating tales of its timeless past. With Europe Tour Packages, you will also get to visit The British museum which is another important aspect of the city that is known for its extensive timeless collection.

With London Scotland Tour Packages by state express, you set out to explore Scotland, which is well known for its distinctive brilliance. This destination will welcome you to its Enchanting landscapes and a marvellous scene of cultural enigma on your 12 day trip. London Scotland Tour Packages encompass a trip to its capital Edinburgh which is ornamented by the majestic Edinburgh castle which nestles on top of a Volcanic mountain.

So embark on a beautiful and memorable trip with a detailed and well curated itinerary that will take you on an excursion without the fear of missing out on any destination and details.

Day 1-2 : Land in London and Embark on an  Excursion to The Iconic Landmarks 

Day 1 : Arrival In London, The City Of Dreams

Day 1 would be your arrival in London at Heathrow Airport (LHR), one of the busiest and major international airports. From here our travel company’s well trained staff will whisk you to your centrally located accommodation. You can relax and unwind for an hour or two and then embark on a light stroll to the surrounding Landmarks. You can get accustomed to the local setting of London City and have a good time in cafe’s and local restaurants that offer a diverse range of culinary delights.

Europe Tour Packages, also include exciting excursions to iconic buildings and monumental architecture of like Big Ben which will leave your spellbound and then go on to visit the House of Parliament which will offer you an insightful experience of the British political landscape which will be an intriguing indulgence is you’re a political and international relations enthusiast.

Day 2 : Visit The Iconic Grandeur of The Britisher Museum 

The British museum would be an all encompassing visit to have a great and clear understanding of why Britain was called the greatest colonial Empire and its majestic well preserved past glories. This museum hosts a range of collections that are a treat to history lovers. The historic beauty of these artefacts will leave you in awe of the huge British Empire that once ruled the world.

Embark on a captivating journey through time from Rosetta Stone to Elgin Marbles that this museum homes. This will be an amazing experience for you and your family.

Day 3-4 Go on To Explore The Majestic and Awe Inspiring Beauty of Central London

Day 3: The Beauty of The Central London

Day 3 would be your chance to escape to the Tower of London. This is an iconic fortress that will beckon you its rich history that spans nearly a millennium. This offers you a chance to marvel at the White Tower’s mediaeval architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site will offer you an immersive experience if you are history enthusiast.

Europe Tour Packages also offer you a chance to visit Tower Bridge Tower which is an iconic symbol of London that can be seen spanning the River Thames. You will marvel at the architectural enigma of this place.

Day 4: Embark On An Excursion to Royal London 

In the morning of day 4 you can visit Buckingham Palace where you can witness the changing of the guards ceremony for a royal insight into London’s culture. Here, you can explore the lavish State Rooms during the summer, and the grandeur of this architectural masterpiece will leave you spellbound. This will be your chance to immerse yourself in royal history at the heart of London’s cultural tapestry.

In the afternoon, you can visit the St. James’s park and unwind yourself in the serene and tranquil atmosphere of this park and rejuvenate yourself for the next site that is the Westminster Abbey.

This is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and a historical treasure trove that you can experience. You will be able to marvel at the intricate stained glass, royal tombs, and the sublime beauty that defines this cultural gem.

Day 5: Indulge in the Artistic Extravaganza of London Intertwined with its Modern Culture 

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre will take you Into the World of theatre and literature. This place has a traditional outlook with its thatched roof, open-air setting, and a range of productions that span centuries.

Another destination is Tate Modern which is the Centre of artistic Brilliance. The museum will let you see an insightful exhibition of works by Picasso, Warhol, and more. In the afternoon you can embark on exploring the vibrant neighbourhoods of Soho and Chinatown which is a must visit. Then the night can be spent enjoying a gourmet meal at Shoreditch that offers trendy areas for dining.

Day 6: Embark on A Trip To Queen’s Residence: Windsor Castle

You cannot miss out on a visit to Windsor Castle which has always been a jewel in England’s crown since time immemorial. This place will never fail to captivate your heart with its timeless regal beauty. Hold on to this as a chance to marvel at the opulent State Apartment and stroll through the enchanting Windsor Great Park.

This is going to be an amazing experience in the royal residence nestled peacefully along River Thames

Day 7-9: Your Scotland Odyssey Begins 

Day 7: Embark To Scotland 

London Scotland Tour Packages will take you on a delightful trip to Scotland, the land of timeless historical significance and architectural grandeur. Take a morning flight to Edinburgh and from your arrival, you would be whisked to your chosen accommodation by the well trained hotel staff.

Take this day to rest and unwind yourself in your hotel room for a seamless and amazing experience of this destination that will follow.

Day 8: A Memorable Excursion to Old Town and Royal Mile  

In the morning, you can explore Edinburgh castle and Castle Rock which can be best explored in the morning hours. This architectural marvel is perched atop Castle Rock and offers you a magical journey through Scotland’s rich history. You will find the stunning panoramic views of the city as your backdrop and get ready to immerse yourself in mediaeval grandeur.

With London Scotland Tour Packages, visit Castle Rock in Edinburgh for a captivating journey through history. Set out to explore Edinburgh Castle, perched majestically atop the rock that will offer you breathtaking views of mediaeval architecture and you can hear magical tales of Scottish royalty.

Day 9: Visit The Marvel of Arthur Seat and Dynamic Earth 

With London Scotland Tour Packages, You can visit the marvellous Arthur’s Seat which is an ancient volcano, in Edinburgh to indulge in a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. This will be your scenic hike to its summit which will offer you a nostalgic experience in Scottish exotic nature.

Then you can descend to explore Dynamic Earth which is an innovative science museum near Holyrood Palace. Here you and your family can Engage with interactive exhibits detailing Earth’s history. This can be your chance to set out on an excursion to uncover the many magical mysteries of the earth that intrigues geologists for such a long time.

Day 10: Drive to the Stunning Landscapes of Isle of the Sky 

This place cannot be missed for its ethereal beauty that will allow you to see dramatic landscapes of mist-shrouded mountains, lovely waterfalls, and ancient, well preserved castles. You will be able to bask in the magical allure of the Old Man of Storr and create for yourself an unforgettable experience for yourself  amidst Scotland’s alluring natural aura.

Day 11: Take a Train to Inverness and Boat Ride to Loch Ness

Embark on to Inverness which is the gateway to the Scottish Highlands renowned for its rich history and picturesque landscapes. This can be embarked on via a train ride. Then visit the well known Loch Ness which can be accessed through a mesmerising boat ride which adds an element of excitement to your magical voyage.

Don’t miss out on exploring the historic ruins of Urquhart Castle on the shores, and fall in love with the beauty of this place.

Day 12: Return To London and Embark on to fulfil your missed out Bucket List 

Finally with Europe Tour Packages by state express, you can return back to London on day 12 and set out to explore the local markets that were always there on your bucket list.

So, Let this be your chance to embark on a wonderful Tour to the iconic city of London and Magical Scotland.

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