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Why Should I Paint My Fire Escape?

To lead a safe and secure life may indicate a lot of things to you in various circumstances. Whether you consider crossing the road or cooking in the kitchen, safety is always the primary concern anywhere. However, did you ever think about the most prevalent fear factor among every individual? Fire, of course! In any situation, it causes havoc and damage to life and property. The thought of it is even too scary to imagine!

So if you want to stay protected from an unfortunate fire outbreak, you require to ensure that the fire escape of your building is strong, stable, and fully functional. Residing in New York City, you must be aware that the government hold fire escape inspections from time to time and can issue citations to the building owners if found unsafe. Therefore, instead of worrying about fire escape painting cost, you must be more concerned about its accessibility and functionality!

Speaking of fire escape painting, many building owners do not consider its importance. It may have even occurred to you, what is the need for painting the fire escape? The fire escape is perhaps the least used component of a building (we hope you never have to use it). We even forget that we have got a fire escape in our building! But does that mean it has no use? Or is there no need for maintenance?

Fire Escape Painting: Advantages

As a classic architectural feature, fire escapes add to the beauty and charm of the tall multi-storey buildings in New York City. These incredibly sturdy and elaborately designed structures (mostly constructed in zigzag patterns) have become quintessential since the mid-19th century. With time, the New York City Fire Department has made fire escapes a mandatory building safety code of construction as they act as emergency exits in high-rises.

Therefore, maintaining fire escapes is of utmost necessity to keep them in good working condition. And so you must call the fire escape painters NYC periodically to ensure you have adequate precautions to escape a devastating and ghastly fire outbreak. Why consider painting? Here are all the reasons to take the call!

  • Prevent Rusting and Corrosion- Generally, fire escapes are made of steel or wrought iron. Both these metals are exponentially vulnerable to rusting and corrosion due to persistent exposure to moisture. You may often notice flaking paint and crumbling metal pieces prevalently caused due to corrosion. The brown accumulation on these metal parts, called rust, is a result of extreme oxidation. Rust formation corrodes away metals resulting in the weakening of the structure. It gradually leads to decay and the sudden collapse of the fire escape. Thankfully, fire escape painterscan scrape away rust and apply a fresh coat of paint that will protect them from further damage.
  • Improve Stability and Durability-Painting fire escapes can effectively control corrosion for a prolonged period. When you frequently paint your fire escape, you are actually strengthening its structural efficiency. Paint acts as a protective barrier against numerous weather elements, especially moisture (the primary cause of damage in any metal construction). A thick coat of paint is impervious, preventing water from reaching the underlying metal surface. Thus, you are boosting the strength, stability, and longevity of your fire escape through painting. The cost to paint fire escape depends exclusively on the extent of damage and the type of paint used.
  • Boost Visibility- When a building is in fire, smoke and flames add up to the gruesomeness of the scenario. Visibility decreases, and it is almost impossible to locate a fire escape with a faded appearance. So applying high-visibility paint makes a fire escape easy to detect even under insufficient lighting conditions.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal-Fire escapes undoubtedly influence the curb appeal of your building! A rusted, faded, and damaged fire escape is unsightly in a flawlessly painted building structure. Since fire escapes are considered an integral component of tall construction, many property owners indulge in fire escape decorating ideas to improve the building’s aesthetics. Painting is one such preferred practice!


Fire escape painting is a crucial stride in its maintenance and safety assurance. An inaccessible and non-functional fire escape poses more threats than ensuring security. It can lead to accidents (even deaths) if not regularly inspected and maintained. Therefore, every building owner must consider the significance of fire escapes and invest in their failure precautions, painting being one of them!

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